The fastest way to develop a new website is to purchase a “ready-made” theme.  It’s the old ‘why reinvent the wheel’ scenario. It saves time, a lot of time, in fact it could save a developer anywhere from 50 – 100 hours of time, which equates to money. And lots of it!

When choosing a theme you need to decide what type of website you are creating first:

  • do you want a content management site like Joomla or WordPress?
  • do you want straight HTML5 code
  • is a ready-made Ecommerce solution what you need instead?

Once you decide the platform you will base your website on, then you can start shopping for a theme.  There are one-page themes, for simple websites that don’t have a lot of information to display.  Themes developed for Ecommerce, Real Estate, Restaurants, Social Groups, Church Groups, Rental Services etc.

Themes can be purchased for anywhere from $30 – $100 for a single-use license.

What to watch for:

  • make sure your theme is mobile responsive (it fits all screen sizes)
  • Will be kept up to date
  • Is designed by a reputable developer (do your research)
  • find a theme that fits almost exactly to how you want your new site to look and respond

Most themes you purchase can be customized by using a ‘child-theme’.  A child theme is where all customizations are added, so when a new version of your theme is developed, any customizations that were made to the theme will not be overwritten when the new version is installed.

Theme Forest and Studio Press (themes for wordpress) are 2 examples of paid theme websites.

With WordPress websites, a new theme can easily be purchased and installed on your existing website.  Within a few hours your theme can be configured using the theme’s custom appearance, widgets and plugins.  For more information contact Wanna Web Design!