Wordfence Email message alerts

If you have Wordfence Security plugin installed in your WordPress website, chances are you are getting emails from WordPress with the subject :

[Wordfence Alert] Problems found on yourdomainnamehere.com

Do not worry! This is actually a very good indicator that something needs to be updated on your website.  If you open the email (it is safe) it will tell you which plugin or theme needs to be updated or if the WordPress system has an update.

If the WordPress needs to be updated the best way to do this is through the hosting environment:

Updating WordPress through GoDaddy or Wanna Web Design Hosting

If you are hosting with GoDaddy.com or Wanna Web Design Hosting (hosting.wannawebdesign.com), you can sign in to your hosting account, click My Account, Click Web Hosting, then “Launch” and sign in to the CPanel.  Under Options and Settings, Popular Apps click the WordPress Icon. Now on the right hand side it will say ‘Manage my applications’ Click this link. You will then see a link that says ‘install new version’ click this link, and follow through the prompts. Then ‘install now’. This will take a backup of your database and files and install the new version. If there is a problem with the install you can back out of it. You will get an email when install is complete. Don’t modify your website while doing the install.

If you ever have trouble or don’t want to bother with this yourself, feel free to contact Wanna Web Design and I can do it for you for only $25.

Updating WordPress & plugins through the Dashboard

Otherwise, you need to sign in to your WordPress admin dashboard.  At the top of the dashboard screen on the left you will see a swirling circle with a number next to it. (If it says 0 you don’t have any updates).

Click this circle, it will take you to the WordPress updates page.

At the top it will notify you if you have a current version of WordPress. If it is out of date it will say Update Now. Click this link and just wait, don’t navigate from the page. Wait until the wordpress install has completed.

Then return to the WordPress updates page and continue updating all plugins and themes.  Be careful of the themes!  Some themes have been customized for your install and updating them will override your customizations.  Double check with your web designer if you are unsure of your theme name.

To update plugins: Click all of the links at once and then click ‘update’.  This will install all new plugin versions.

Do the same with the themes …. but again, do not update themes if you aren’t sure which one is yours. 

Wordfence Security Scan

There is a plugin installed in your website called Wordfence Security. This protects your site from hackers trying to gain access to the admin area. You can also run a scan to see if the website is protected.  All plugins must be up to date or you will get an error in your scan.

Hover over Wordfence Security and then click Scan.  Click scan at the top. It will walk through all files (takes a few minutes) and then you will get result of scan.  You want the message to be ‘Congratulations…”.


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