Building a professional website with Wix

Wix website builder offers a fast and easy way to build a new website. Wix has:

Wix Service Provider template
  • A smart drag and drop editor
  • 1000s of advanced design capabilities
  • use a custom domain
  • create your logo using the logo maker tool
  • custom functionality
  • Fast page loading
  • resilient multi-cloud hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization capabilities
  • accessibility tools to ensure your website is accessible
  • 24/7 security protection from hackers
  • over 900 customizable templates to choose from

Unlimited Potential

Whether you want a static website (no interaction with users), a blog, an ecommerce website, appointment scheduling or an event listing, Wix offers a platform to suit your website needs. You can start building your website for free and when it’s ready, purchase the package that matches your needs. Packages start at $7.50/month CAD for a basic personal website that has Wix ads on it. For a professional business website, packages start at $20/month. For Ecommerce or online payments, packages start at $28/month. Visit Wix Pricing for more details.

Examples of Wix templates

Pros & Cons of using Wix website builder


  • Easy to use and fast to build
  • website is secure from hackers
  • don’t have to run plugin or theme updates, Core platform is kept up to date by Wix
  • Drag and drop builder


  • Can get expensive as website grows
  • Once you choose the website theme, it can’t be changed without rebuilding the whole website
  • Limited customizations

Want to learn more about creating your website using Wix? Contact Wanna Web Design to explore your options.

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