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Snail showing slow page speed

What’s the big deal about Page Load Speed?

There is a lot of buzz on the internet about website Page Load Speed. In this post, I will give you
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website builders

Website Builders

What is the easiest way you can build a website? The easiest way to build a website yourself is with a
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Beware of Domain Name Expiration Notices

I received in the mail a notification of one of my domains expiring. The title said ‘Domain Name Expiration Notice’. Now
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Is SharePoint a Good Platform for Building a Public-Facing Business Web Site?

I was wondering this morning if Sharepoint was something I should learn how to use for developing websites…. I got my
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All in One SEO Plugin security update needed

All in One SEO Pack is a plugin I use regularly… if you have a WordPress website with this Plugin installed,
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Contact Form 7 Plugin

One of my favourite Contact Form plugins for WordPress is Contact Form 7. It’s easy to use, easy to set up
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WordPress Security: Keeping your website safe from hackers

Last night I watched a youTube video by Wordfence Security showing how quickly and easily hackers can login to your website
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My new website design

At long last I have updated the layout of my website design! I am always so busy working for clients that
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Check if your home router is vulnerable to hackers

Yesterday Wordfence Security posted that 6.7% of all attacks they see on WordPress sites come from hacked home routers.  Today they posted
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Search engine optimization collingwood

Coles Notes version of Boosting SEO

Today I had someone email me how to help them achieve online presence with Google. After typing my answer I realized
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An automated WordPress update has failed to complete!

Many of my client’s websites have been showing an error in the admin dashboard stating “An automated WordPress update has failed
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Spam emails through your website

Okay, I get it. People want your business so they target your website on the internet, send an email in the
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