WordPress Security Options set up

WordPress websites are one of the most used Content Management Systems on the web.  They are also one of the most attacked Content Management Systems on the web!  Hackers are constantly trying to find loopholes or backdoors to gain access to your WordPress site with the intent to insert code within your theme to link to their sites (most cases).  In most cases people don’t even know their sites have been compromised, you can’t see it and it the hacks are hidden in old theme files, image files or wherever they hope they will not be detected.

There are many security plugins that you can install in your WordPress site.  My favourite is Wordfence Security.

It is easy to install and set up.

Go to Plugins Add New

In the search field type Wordfence Security, then install.

You will be prompted to type in an email address to send notifications. This is how/where Wordfence will notify you if there are any alerts on your website.

Then Click Wordfence from the left side of the WordPress dashboard and select Options.



These are the default selections when you install Wordfence.


The Alerts let you know when there is any activity on your site. These are important especially when there is a global attack on websites. You will know when a hacker is trying to sign in and what admin user id they are trying to gain access with.

Now sometimes this can be a bit of a nuisance as repeated emails get sent to your inbox. But it is important to monitor and make sure they aren’t using a correct administrator user id.


The login Security Options I set really tight so that once a hacker fails 2 times to gain access, they are locked out for 60 days.

Click save to save all your changes.

Why own your own Domain and hosting?

Have you ever been unhappy with your current web developer and decided to hire a new one, when to your dismay you find out you can’t have access to your website?  That it is stored on that developers server along with their other websites and you can’t get access?

This is the one reason why you should always own your own domain name and hosting.  You are in control and will always have access to your website, email, domain etc.

There will never be a reason for the hosting and domain to disappear (web developer retires), or for the rates to suddenly skyrocket!  You will always be in control!

So when deciding where to purchase your domain make sure you find a reputable company, one that offers 24/7 phone service and one that guarantees over 95% up time on the server.

A good choice? Wanna Web Design Hosting…… click here to find out more on pricing and domains from Wanna Web Design…..