Building a professional website with Wix

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Wix website builder offers a fast and easy way to build a new website. Wix has:

Wix Service Provider template
  • A smart drag and drop editor
  • 1000s of advanced design capabilities
  • use a custom domain
  • create your logo using the logo maker tool
  • custom functionality
  • Fast page loading
  • resilient multi-cloud hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization capabilities
  • accessibility tools to ensure your website is accessible
  • 24/7 security protection from hackers
  • over 900 customizable templates to choose from

Unlimited Potential

Whether you want a static website (no interaction with users), a blog, an ecommerce website, appointment scheduling or an event listing, Wix offers a platform to suit your website needs. You can start building your website for free and when it’s ready, purchase the package that matches your needs. Packages start at $7.50/month CAD for a basic personal website that has Wix ads on it. For a professional business website, packages start at $20/month. For Ecommerce or online payments, packages start at $28/month. Visit Wix Pricing for more details.

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Pros & Cons of using Wix website builder


  • Easy to use and fast to build
  • website is secure from hackers
  • don’t have to run plugin or theme updates, Core platform is kept up to date by Wix
  • Drag and drop builder


  • Can get expensive as website grows
  • Once you choose the website theme, it can’t be changed without rebuilding the whole website
  • Limited customizations

Want to learn more about creating your website using Wix? Contact Wanna Web Design to explore your options.

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History of the Internet part 5

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Working from Home in the 2000s

Summer in the country

Cindy McQueen

Ah July, such an amazing time of year, picnics, hiking, camping, barbecues with friends and family, sounds perfect. Too perfect. This is not a reality if you are a farmer or work in agriculture, like our family. This is a very hectic time of year; cutting hay, waiting 2 to 3 days for it to dry in the sun completely and then baling it. Large round bales are easy; they get loaded onto wagons and unloaded either inside coveralls or outside in long rows. Small square bales used to feed horses and sheep are much more work; they have to somehow get loaded onto the wagon, and somehow be unloaded into the barn for storage. On our farm the unloading is a manual process, requiring any available family member to unload off the wagon onto a hay elevator, which carries it up into the barn and then get grabbed by family members and stacked in the mow. This is usually done on the hottest days of July; the barn literally feels like an oven and the unfortunate workers in the barn down jugs of water after each load to keep hydrated.

The good thing is I work from home. The bad thing is I work from home so I help on the farm too. Sometimes that help is unloading a wagon or driving to our local farm equipment store to pick up parts or supplies. Mostly I help by preparing meals and delivering them to different locations on the farm while my husband and sons keep working in the fields. 

The weather can also cause a lot of stress if the hay has been cut and it’s going to rain, rain ruins the quality of the hay. If the hay isn’t completely dry, it can’t be used for square bales (damp square bales will rot and can actually heat up in the barn and cause a barn fire!) and must be round baled and wrapped in plastic to preserve its quality.  Wrapped hay ferments and has a sweet/sour odour when fed out in the winter.

Farmers can’t make any plans until the hay is done. Any invitation to a summer pool party or picnic is answered with ‘depends on the weather, if the hay is ready, we will be busy, but if it rains, we can come’.

This summer while you are driving through the country enroute to your summer vacation or fun family excursion and see the farmers working in the fields, take some time to consider what they are doing.  Are you going to eat today? Thank a farmer.

As published in Hello Country Magazine – July 2022 edition

History of Rural Internet – Part 4

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Summer is finally here, it’s my favourite season! Which makes it difficult to sit indoors working when I want to be outside. The past few years has taught us that we can effectively work from home, even from our back decks or, in my case, the front porch. Where we work while at home brings me to my next story… 

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History of the Internet – Part 3

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For those celebrating an anniversary this month (wedding, birthday, business, relationship, fitness or health goal), Happy Anniversary! I am celebrating 14 years in business this spring, which translates to 14 years of educating myself. Education doesn’t stop after high school, college or university, it continues throughout life. I learned that dial-up was pretty cool, but realized it was way too slow.

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Clive Vanderburgh

Clive Vanderburgh website

Clive Vanderburgh is a songwriter and storyteller and has been entertaining children and adults for many years.

Visit to listen to some of his songs or read his Penny & Alba stories.

History of the Internet – Part 2

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I was shocked when I mentioned to 2 people that I had written an article for Hello Country about dial-up internet and was told they both knew someone who still used it!  Curious, I called my old dial-up provider; they still offer dial-up to remote customers who aren’t within their cable coverage area. I didn’t think people would still use it when there were so many faster options available.

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Drew Morey

Tell Their Story

Drew Morey Productions specializes in helping your business or agency look good. We create customized branding tools that empower you to generate positive first impressions. We also create that distinctive, striking ‘look’ that presents you as solid, credible and effective.

This website was designed in collaboration with Drew Morey.

ENM Enterprises

ENM Enterprises screen shot

We manufacture and supply quality custom plastic tanks 
for Agriculture, Marine, Manufacturing and Recreation

ENM Enterprises is a family-owned and operated business located in Dundalk, in Grey County, Ontario. We are an industry leader in the fabrication of all types of plastic products. Our skilled workforce, state of the art equipment and strong commitment to quality enable our plastic manufacturing company to consistantly develop solutions for a variety of applications.

This website was designed in collaboration with Drew Morey Productions.

History of the Internet – Part 1

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When my husband and I first got married I worked in an IT department for a large insurance company in Mississauga. Part of my job entailed being on call when the batch programs ran overnight, if anything went wrong, I would have to analyze the error and fix it so that the programs could complete overnight. I hated being on call …. all we had was dial-up internet.

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