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Time for a new Website? Wanna Web Design can help you create a new responsive website to encourage consumers to choose your products or services. E Commerce, Blogs, Service Industry or Contractors.

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Wanna Web Design offers Hosting, domains, SSL certificates, emails with 24/7 Support, 99.7% uptime. Included with hosting package is added security with daily backups, Malware scans and removal.

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Just having a website does not guarantee you will get visitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be set up on your website in order to rank higher within the popular search engines without paying for ads using Keywords.

What is Responsive Website Design

Do you know that most people search the internet using their phones or tablets? According to in 2020 over 51% of people searched the internet using their phones. Compare that to the end of 2015 when only 38% of users were browsing the internet using their phones. If this trend continues to rise (which I am sure it will), websites need to be designed to not only look good but function well on many different sized devices. This is called Responsive Website Design.

responsive website design

What makes a website responsive:

A website is responsive when the content fits the viewing screen properly. Coding the the HTML and CSS (style sheets) to identify the screen size layout and then display different code according to the screen size is how to render a website responsive.  This is not a how-to instruction manual to design the code, (you can research that at HTML responsive web design) this is just an explanation of what makes a website responsive.

Below is a list of things to test to make sure your website renders responsively:

1) Proper heading and body font size

Setting different sizes for your fonts so that they aren’t too big on your computer screen or too small to read on your phone. 

2) Links not too close together

On a small touch screen it might be difficult to separate links in a list or in a menu if the font is too small or the links are too close together.  Google Search Console will penalize you if it finds your links are too close together (an email is sent out with a warning from Google Search Console so you can correct the issue).

3) Images /Videos fit the screen properly

Images and videos need to be resized to fit the screen size. One way to do this is to use the width property to 100% of the view size in the CSS code or by using elements within your theme. 

4) Content is readable

Old versions of websites used to be a mini version of the website, so small it was difficult to read.  One would have to try and enlarge the page and then scroll back and forth in order to read the content. Responsive design makes the content on the screen readable on all screen sizes, on a large screen content might be displayed in columns across the page to display different ideas, but how those columns break down for mobile needs to be determined and included during the design process. Having columns side by side on a screen is not possible on a mobile device, the columns will then follow one below the other instead. Below is how 3 columns will be displayed on a large screen layout: 

This same layout designed in 3 separate columns will now be displayed one below the other on a mobile phone:

mobile responsive content

5) Menu is visible and clickable

Most menus will have too many items to display across a mobile screen. A dropdown menu icon (usually depicted as 3 small horizontal lines) will display that you click to open up a drop down menu. Make sure the font size is large enough and there is enough padding between the menu item links so that you can easily touch each individual link. 

2 ways to build a responsive website:

1) Create 2 versions of a website

Create a website for large screens and create a separate website for smaller or mobile screens. Code will be at the beginning of the website to check the size of the screen and render the proper website code.

There are drawbacks to this method: you basically need to design and maintain 2 separate websites. That adds a lot of work and cost to the overall website project. 

2) Choose a website theme that has been designed to be Responsive

When deciding upon a theme or website builder, choose one that says that it is responsive.  It will already be designed to check the size of the screen first and then render the proper code so that it matches the screen size layout of the device you are using. Most themes will have added features/elements that allow you to change the size of the font, and even which content you want to display for different screen sizes. An example of this is using a Photo slider on larger screens but just displaying a single image on a small mobile screen.

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Google offers many free services for your website including Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console (Webmaster), Google Maps, Google Recaptcha (to prevent spam), YouTube and Gmail.

Wanna Web Design is knowledgeable about Google services and can help you create accounts and use Google to help drive traffic to your website.  

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Examples of website designs

testimonials of our clients

testimonial quotesCindy has been working with me for five years to develop a very professional and productive website that serves as a platform for my writing and theatre productions across the country. She understands my work and my audience. Nearly all of my business now flows through this site. She has a good design sense and her rates are very reasonable. “

Dan Needles, Author & Playwright October 2020

testimonial quotesCindy with Wanna Web Design is very professional and knowledgeable in creating a website that fits your needs and vision. Cindy is also very supportive with assisting guidance along with the maintenance and any questions with our website. Highly recommend.”

– Stephanie at VR Plumbing Inc. September 2020


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